"This could well be the first truly great comedy ensemble of the 21st century" Sean Fewster, The Advertiser

"The Wedge is a near perfect blending of The Comedy Company's family-friendly, occasionally bizarre jokes and Fast Forward's nasty, satirical edge.... Ladies and genglemen, welcome back to Australian sketch comedy" Sean Fewster, The Advertiser

"We may very well look back on this...as the beginning of one of Austrlia's greatest comedy shows of the new Millenium" Sean Lynch. Oct '06

"One of the freshest things on TV" Neil Mitchell, 3AW

"Such a rich vein of comedy, you can't help wonder why someone hasn't mined it sooner" The Age

"At last we have a comedy sketch show worthy of the mantle of Fast Forward and Full Frontal. Very funny." Memorable TV, DVD Review

"...delivers enough flashes of brilliance to confirm it's on the right track" Michael Idato, The Age


Art Cooney, the Substitute Teacher (Adam Zwar) & Indian Call Centre (Dailan Evans & Kate Jenkinson)

Plastic Surgeon's Wives (Julie Eckersley & Julia Zemiro) & Pokies Chicks (Kate Jenkinson & Rebel Wilson)

Henry, the Dole Guy (Adam Zwar) & Jack Farmer (Dailan Evans)

Lola, Lollypop Lady (Aidan Fennesy) & Lucy Webster, the web stalker (Rebel Wilson)

Mark Wary, apologising sportsman (Jason Gann) & Fat Mandi (Rebel Wilson)

Pokies Chicks (Kate Jenkinson & Rebel Wilson) & Sandra Sultry (Katrina Mathers)


Series 1 is screening Monday-Friday at 4.30pm on the Comedy Channel.

Series 2 is screening Saturday nights at 10.50pm from October 20 on Channel 10.

The Wedge Series 2 has it's own MySpace page, drop by and leave us a message: www.myspace.com/wedge_season2

The Wedge Series 1 is available on DVD.

Order now through Shock Records.

Keep an eye on the official website for the latest news: www.thewedge.com.au


Series 2 is currently screening Sunday nights on Channel 10.

Series 1 screened Tuesday nights on Channel 10 from March-November 2006.


Please write to the Network to let them know your thoughts, hopefully just the good stuff....

Snail & phone: www.ten.com.au (contact page)

Fax downloadable feedback form to ATV 10:

SA: 08-8239 1011

WA: 08-9344 8076

VIC: 03-9275 1011

NSW: 02-9650 1111

QLD: 07-3369 3786

You can write to the Producers by email, care of the official webpage: www.thewedge.com.au

If you like the show, you can also write to TV Week and The Age Green Guide and vote for us on your favourite TV forums & fansites like tv.com, tvrage.com, hottestontv, celebchaos

We love getting old fashioned hand-written letters from people, so write to us c/of Channel 10 in your city.


25 May, 2006 The Age Green Guide - interview with Executive Producers Steve Dundan and Ian McFadyen (download pdf)

28 May, 2006 The Age preview review (download pdf)



Regular Cast - Series II: Anthony Ahern, Damian Callianan, Dailan Evans, Jason Gann, Adam Zwar, Julie Eckersley, Kate Jenkinson, Katrina Mathers, Cal Wilson, Rebel Wilson.

Regular Cast - Series I: Adam Zwar, Aidan Fennesy, Anthony Ahern, Ross Daniels, Cori Hopper, Dailan Evans, Frieda McKenna, Jason Gann, Julia Zemiro, Julie Eckersley, Kate Jenkinson, Katrina Mathers, Marney McQueen, Rebel Wilson.

Format: Weekly sketch series set in the fictional suburb of Wedgedale.

Duration: 30 mins

Produced by : Cornerbox Productions

Publicity: Network 10

Photographs on this site have been supplied by the cast and crew or stolen from the web!


Official Wedge website: www.thewedge.com.au

Official MySpace page (new): www.myspace.com/wedge_season2

Network Ten website: www.ten.com.au


Rebel Wilson's homepage: www.rebelwilson.com:

Lucy Webster www.myspace.com/lucy_webster

Lucy Webster www.myspace.com/lucywebster02

Sandra Sultry www.myspace.com/sandrasultry

Fat Mandi www.myspace.com/fatmandi

Wilfred www.myspace.com/wilfredthedog (New SBS TV series created by Wedge cast members: Adam Zwar & Jason Gann)

Please let us know if you are aware of any other sites.



4WD Mums: Katrina Mathers, Julie Eckersley, Marney McQueen & Julia Zimmero

Country Bumpkins - performing at the Wedgedale Plaza

TRIVIA - Geoff Paine comes up all the time as a cast member on web listings. To my knowledge he was a contributing writer in the early days of the show's development. Lovely guy but I don't think he was ever a cast member.

TRIVIA - Many different cast or crew members have played the Snipper.



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